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A Little Mould is OK!

A Little Mould is OK!

Sometimes people fear mould on cheese but in most cases this is not a bad thing- in fact its a sure sign that the cheese is maturing properly! Good moulds play a key role in the production of many of the world’s finest and most popular cheeses. Cheese-makers use specially cultured moulds to produce the veins in flavorful Stilton, Roquefort, Blue and Gorganzola cheeses. They also give cheeses like Brie and Camembert their delicious edible rinds. These moulds are safe to eat. 

The Little Milk Company Brewers Gold sometimes grows a green mould,sometimes a white bloomy mould, this is perfectly normal and is actually a good sign the cheese is maturing well, just wipe it off with a damp cloth! (see picture)

The Little Milk Company Organic Brie cans sometimes develop a white bloomy mould on its rind- this is again totally safe and will not affect the quality or flavour of your cheese- simply whip off with a damp cloth!

If mould forms on our Little Milk Company Cheddars carefully cut off the mold plus 2.5 cm (1 inch) of cheese surrounding it.Wrap the trimmed cheese in new waxed paper or plastic wrap; refrigerate and use as soon as possible.

And if you are ever unsure about any of your Little Milk Company Cheeses just give us a call! 

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